Arranged Marriage background investigation service (AMBIS)


Arranged Marriage background investigation service (AMBIS)

1) Groom Background check.

Loveviewwedding will help also conduct pre-marital background investigations for parents who might think their son or daughter is marrying someone who is not telling the truth about their past, education, criminal history or other things. We can look into criminal records, judgment and debt history, financial responsibilities and more.

2) Designation and behavior.

Loveviewwedding We check on present employment information such as name of the organization, designation, salary, job profile, average performance, relationship with colleagues, reputation, etc. It is not uncommon to inflate approximately salary. Moreover, beyond employments are checked specifically for any misbehavior, fraud, disciplinary action, etc. At times, beyond affair or bad habit comes into mild from such discreet take a look at at employment place.

3) Past Relationship history.

Our teams will investigate groom's or bride's past life like asking his/her college friends, residential friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. and we'll also find out about his/her current affairs like what he is up to now or is he involved in any kind of relationships or not.

4) Personal lifestyle and history.

Our team will investigate his areas of interest and check his background, his Neighbors and his friends. Our team will also investigate if the person has any bad habits like smoking cigarettes or if he is a very heavy gambler.

5) Financial behavior Family’s check.

Our team will investigate if the person is financially stable or not. If his condition is good or poor, also their financial behavior like money spending's on what things the are spending. We'll also search for their public records and inquire about their payment history, It can be from their local shops on their credit accounts.

6) Social account history check.

We will also check their social media accounts which they have run till now to know about their lifestyle and past relations through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, snapchat, etc. We can get some hint about them through their social medias Needless to mention, we do not enquire with his friends / relatives but has proven modus operandi to gather such information in a highly discreet manner.

7) Criminal Background Check:

Record at concerned local police station is checked apart from discreetly checking with other available sources. It also includes checking for any civil suit against the subject.

We would be more than happy to accommodate your need to check on any other specific aspect; not mentioned above. Call VIS today and let us conduct a background investigation to see if your partner is who they claim to be.